BREAKING NEWS(08/01/2016):


It’s been a long week since Bull Run. I apologize for my long silence after the event. When you live in an old Victorian house with no central air and shut it up and go away for several days of 90+ heat strange things happen. Although my computer did not die from the heat, it did have a nervous breakdown and is just now getting back on its feet.

I send along a thank you to the NR from General Markijohn. I strongly echo his sentiments and double the thanks to you all. To those of you who had the great good sense not to come to this event at all, I congratulate you. To those of us who didn’t and came out anyway, I can’t express to you my admiration for your fortitude and strength. The one thing that struck me more than anything else about the weekend (aside from our rabid stupidity for being there) was the constant good humor that prevailed throughout the NR during the course of the event. Other than the seemingly good natured griping about the weather, I did not hear ONE harsh word spoken in anger. From all I did hear over the weekend however, I think we all need to consider our participation in these extremely hot weather events. Something to be discussed at the winter meeting in November.

I would be remiss if I did not give special thanks to the staff of the NR for the event, Lt. McNerney, Sgt. Major Cronin and especially Lt. Col. Adler who filled in for me when I was unable to take the field due to the heat, and who led the NR to great glory on the field. As always the NR never skipped a beat and set the bar high for all the other organizations. My thanks to all of you, it is always my honor and pleasure to lead the National Regiment.


P.S. Thanks to Ira Siedel for the Presentation Picture.

BREAKING NEWS(07/21/2016):
DATE: July 20, 2016 at 1:35:31 PM EDT


Just yesterday I got an email from Cedar Creek with my proof of registration and parking pass. BE SURE YOU GIVE YOUR PEOPLE A HEADS UP TO WATCH FOR THIS! If you don't print out and have this paperwork, you will not be able to go through express registration. Nothing like waiting until the last minute.


BREAKING NEWS(07/04/2016):The Colonel has posted the July Newsletter with marching orders for Bull Run at Cedar Creek. These are posted on the Letters page and at the link above.

BREAKING NEWS(06/28/2016):

Important news about First Manassas at Cedar Creek! Click here!

BREAKING NEWS(06/12/2016):The NR was represented in the North and South this past weekend. We were at the Fenian Raid in Canada and Cross Keys/Port Republic in VA. You may click on these photos to see larger images. More pictures will be posted soon. In the meantime, if you are on Facebook, you can see a lot more at Greg Starbuck's Thunder in the Valley Picture Place here. and at the National Regiment Facebook page here.

BREAKING NEWS(06/02/2016):

Still need more Federals at the event. Come join your comrades in Virginia next weekend! Click the link above!

BREAKING NEWS(05/11/2016):

Check out the G.A.R Webpage on the website or click the link above.

BREAKING NEWS(05/09/2016):

The 119th New York Volunteer Infantry, Co. H has a new website which has been added on the Units page or click here!


BREAKING NEWS(05/02/2016):

The 2016 Schedule page has been updated. There are 3 Newsletters on the Letters page that refer to information needed for the Gettysburg Camp of Instruction, May 14th & 15th, 2016. Links are also provided above.

BREAKING NEWS(03/31/2016):

Check out the latest newsletter from Colonel Downes regarding the NR Scedule for 2016 on the Letters page or just click on the image above.

BREAKING NEWS(03/08/2016):

2016 National Regiment Schedule of Events:

Max Events confirmed at the School of Instruction:

May 14-15 Gettysburg Camp of Instruction (POC Col. Downes)
July 22-24 155th Anniversary Reenactment of First Bull Run @ Cedar Creek (POC Col. Downes)
November 19 Annual Meeting & Remembrance Day Parade, Gettysburg

Secondary NR Events:

June 10-12 Thunder in the Valley - Cross Keys & Port Republic (POC Mark McNerney)
June 10-12 Fenian Raid, Ridgeway, Ontario, Canada (POC Col. Downes)
Aug. 21-22 Second Manassas Living History, Cedar Creek (POC Mark McNerney)
October 7-9 Perryville Battle Reenactment, Kentucky (POC Rick Betley)

BREAKING NEWS(03/06/2016):

More information on the Fenian event (Battle of Ridgeway) on the Schedule page

BREAKING NEWS(02/27/2016):

Read a new post on the News about a book on reenacting by Dale Waters called Marty's War here!

BREAKING NEWS(02/21/2016):

The 2016 National Regiment School of Instruction, scheduled for February 27 & 28, is fast approaching. We need a head count from each unit on how many people are planning to attend, so we can plan on how much food we will need. Please get back to me ( and/or Ted Brennan ( as soon as possible with your best estimate.

Just a reminder that the location for the school this year will be back at Gettysburg Fire Hall (35 North Stratton Street, Gettysburg, PA 17325). Registration opens at 6:45am, with the uniform of the day being appropriate uniform coat with insignia and cap (uniform trousers are optional). Soft-soled shoes are required for the use in the facility. Officers should have their swords and sword belts. NCOS and soldiers should have their rifle and accoutrements.

Cost for the school is $35 PER PERSON, which includes the school, breakfast and lunch on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday. We will NOT be providing a dinner Saturday night, so plan on making arrangements for your own meal the evening of Feb 27.

Any questions or concerns, please contact Ted Brennan or myself...



BREAKING NEWS(02/14/2016):


Attached is more information on the Fenian Raid in Canada this June. IF your unit is planning on going, or if you have individual unit members who might be going, please pass this information along to them. Please print out the Auto Pass page IN COLOR, and cut out the passes. THIS PASS MUST BE ON THE DASHBOARD OF YOUR CAR BEFORE YOU GO THROUGH CUSTOMS!!!

In theory, the customs officers will be notified of our coming and the display of this pass shows we are headed for the event. Print out the registration form and fill out, either as a unit or as individuals. MAKE SURE YOU NOTE ON THERE THAT YOU OR YOUR UNIT IS WITH THE NATIONAL REGIMENT. WE WILL HAVE THE INSURANCE REFLECT THAT SO YOU MUST BE LISTED AS BELONGING TO BE COVERED.

PLEASE NOTE: Don’t stress out just yet about the liability insurance requirement. I’m looking into getting a rider on the NR policy for us. We WILL have something in place before the event. Parks Canada has told me this will be the LAST time they will be doing this on the original site, so this truly is a “once in a lifetime” event.

I’ll see you at the school.


Webmaster's Note: This information and the forms are available on the Letters Page of the Website.

BREAKING NEWS(02/08/2016):
Check out the Schedule Page for a list of suggested events for 2016 and their links, if available. The Maximum Effort events have not yet been selected. We also added a link to the National Regiment Facebook Page.

BREAKING NEWS(01/24/2016):
Check out the January Newsletter by clicking the above link.

BREAKING NEWS(12/27/2015):
Fenian Raid

As Colonel of the National Regiment I’m supposed to be neutral on what events are selected for the NR max-efforts. However, one of the events on the list for consideration requires some advance planning, and as the NR contact person for that event I’m obliged to provide the information to the membership. I am NOT advocating this event over any of the others, I’m just passing along information so the members may make an informed decision on what to attend. Whether or not the NR chooses to make this a max-effort event, I know we will have an NR contingent attending so I will continue to forward information about this event as it comes available.


Check out the information on the Fenian Raid and find Form 4457 on the Letters page or click on the images above.

BREAKING NEWS(12/25/2015):
CHRISTMAS: Fredericksburg, 1862
The Army of the Potomac and the Washington defenses aggregated a force of 326,750 troops. Of that force, the authorities counted 86,330 absent by the end of January 1863 - a reduction of 27 percent. Gabriel Colby of the 124th New York deserted on Christmas Day. When recaptured, he offered the excuse that "so many were sick of the service after Fredericksburg."

Officers of the Army of the Potomac spent the holidays getting drunk. "Christmas was a dull day at our Camp," wrote a sanctimonious signal officer, "but the Army all through as a general thing enjoyed itself hugely." The inefficient commissary somehow acquired enough whiskey to issue a gill (4 fl oz, today's shot is 1.5 fl oz)"to all who applied for it" on Christmas Eve. "The result," recalled Louis Fortescue, "was the Army of the Potomac on the 25th was as drunk as an owl." Visitors to General Dan Sickles' camp noted that "Whiskey punches flowed like rain." Sickles and his staff became so furiously drunk that they had to buck and gag one of the staff officers, who in his cups attacked several of the aides with his saber. Pilgrims who continued on to Hooker's headquarters found things "in the same elegant condition with the exception of the bucking and gagging."

from "The Fredericksburg Campaign" by Francis Augustin O'Reilly

BREAKING NEWS (11/25/2015):Click on the Newsletter above to read a greeting from the Colonel on the Letters page!

BREAKING NEWS (11/23/2015):Watch a short video of the Ft. McHenry Music marching at the front of the National Regiment in the 2015 Remembrance Day Parade in Gettysburg here!

BREAKING NEWS (11/10/2015):Read the November Newsletter for details on Remembrance Day! Click on the Letters page.

BREAKING NEWS (10/30/2015):Added 26 images from Cedar Creek to the Images page and added a new link on the Links page. Also added a new post on the News about the recent GAR Event. Read about it here!

BREAKING NEWS (10/13/2015):Added a video from the 150th Gettysburg NPS Event to the News here!

BREAKING NEWS (10/06/2015):Added 17 more images from the Gettysburg Living History to the Images page

BREAKING NEWS (10/05/2015):Added 85 images from the Gettysburg Living History to the Images page

BREAKING NEWS (10/01/2015):Read the Colonel's General Order No. 6 here!

BREAKING NEWS (09/30/2015):View a video of the Colonel's Challenge at the Gettysburg Living History.

BREAKING NEWS (09/27/2015):View a video on the 150th Battle of Cedar Creek suggested by Bruce Milligan on the News blog here or as the first video listed on the Media page.

BREAKING NEWS (09/13/2015):Gents, Please PLEASE caution your men that the NPS has asked not to set up canvas until 4 pm Friday (Sept. 25th). Although I will be there about noon and will string the streets prior to 4 pm, DO NOT SET UP until we get the OK from NPS. The issue is that canvas draws 'taters like flies and the NPS isn't set up for crowds or traffic. Thank you! See you there. C. Sedlak

BREAKING NEWS (09/13/2015):View sketches by Jeffrey Allen Smith on the News blog here.

BREAKING NEWS (09/13/2015):More information about the Gettysburg Living History in September on the Newsletters page including General Order No. 5 here and the schedule here.

BREAKING NEWS (09/06/2015):Read about the Colonel's Challenge for the Gettysburg Living History in September here!

BREAKING NEWS (08/17/2015):See the best video of the Grand Review here! and see the Fall 2015 NR Newsletter here!

BREAKING NEWS (08/16/2015):See images of the 3rd Maryland at Crampton's Gap here!

BREAKING NEWS (06/16/2015):Here is a link to the Passing of the Armies sponsored by the Soldiers & Sailors Museum in Pittsburgh. You can get directions here!

BREAKING NEWS(06/08/2015):
Added 72 images of the Grand Review to the Images page.

BREAKING NEWS(04/29/2015):Added 6 more videos of the 150th Appomattox and 1 video of the 150th Gettysburg on The News.

BREAKING NEWS(04/24/2015):Added 51 more images of 150th Appomattox on the Images page.

BREAKING NEWS(04/22/2015):Added 131 images of 150th Appomattox on the Images page. More to come!

BREAKING NEWS(04/14/2015): HARPER'S WEEKLY. SATURDAY, APRIL 29, 1865. Abraham Lincoln.GREATER love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. ABRAHAM LINCOLN has done that. He has sealed his service to his country by the last sacrifice. On the day that commemorates the great sorrow which Christendom reveres, the man who had no thought, no wish, no hope but the salvation of his country, laid down his life. Yet how many and many a heart that throbbed with inexpressible grief as the tragedy was told would gladly have been stilled forever if his might have beat on. So wise and good, so loved and trusted, his death is a personal blow to every faithful American household ; nor will any life be a more cherished tradition, nor any name be longer and more tenderly beloved by this nation, than those of ABRAHAM LINCOLN.

On the 22d of February, 1861, as he raised the American flag over Independence Hall, in Philadelphia, he spoke of the sentiment in the Declaration of Independence which gave liberty not only to this country, but, "I hope," he said, " to the world for all future time." Then, with a solemnity which the menacing future justified, and with a significance which subsequent events revealed, he added, "But if this country can not be saved without giving up that principle, I was about to say I would rather be assassinated upon this spot than surrender it." The country has been saved by cleaving to that principle, and he has been assassinated for not surrendering it.

BREAKING NEWS(04/13/2015):There is much to post and a lot of work ahead. Check out six videos posted on The News here.

BREAKING NEWS(04/07/2015):See and print a PDF of the Appomattox Schedule here.

BREAKING NEWS(03/26/2015):Added photos of NCO School on the Images page.

BREAKING NEWS(03/25/2015):Members of the 53rd Pa. and the 116th Pa. joined the 3rd Md. in an NR company of the Mifflin Guard at the 150th Battle of Bentonville. Photos have been added to the Images page. Stan McGee fell in with the 10th Iowa on their march to the event.

BREAKING NEWS(03/22/2015):From Mark McNerney: Colonel, Please let the Boys know that Federals are needed for Sailors Creek. It is not too late. Only $10.00 registration! It is basically a one day fight. Slam, Bang, Cross the Creek and go home. Questions can be directed to me. Dates are 28 & 29 of March, but Battle is 28 March. Thank You, Sir. Mark McNerney From Paddy Devlin: I just talked to Mark McNerney and he needs a list of anyone that will be coming to Sailors Creek. The registration will be $10.00 and can be paid at the event through Mark or myself. Let me know ASAP if you will be coming and I will let Mark know. Email me or call 443-374-8175.

BREAKING NEWS(03/15/2015):The 8th Ohio has a new website. The link is updated on the Units page and the Mobile Website.

BREAKING NEWS(03/09/2015):Added 80 images of the 140th Antietam on the Images page.

BREAKING NEWS(03/08/2015):Grand Review earlybird price of $25 has been extended to 4/15/2015. For information click here! Also added 115 images of the 150th Cedar Creek on the Images page.

BREAKING NEWS(02/25/2015):Added a new post to the News including a new 6-part video about Montgomery County, MD in the Civil War titled "Life in a War Zone" here!

BREAKING NEWS(02/19/2015):Updated Mobile Website with campaign information.

BREAKING NEWS(02/16/2015):Added information about Carnifax Ferry, 150th Sailor's Creek & Bentonville to the Schedule page.

BREAKING NEWS(02/11/2015):Our Colonel at Cedar Creek

For larger image Click Here!

BREAKING NEWS(02/11/2015):

Updated the Schedule page and added the NCO Training schedule to the Newsletters page. Also added Robert Szabo's image of the NR at the 150th Gettysburg NPS Event.

BREAKING NEWS(02/05/2015):

Chris Anders will resign as Act'g. Maj. Gen. of the Southern Division on April 11, 2015. He has named Col. Richard Watters as the new Commander of the Southern Division. Read about it here!

BREAKING NEWS(01/20/2015):
January Newsletter:
Check out the January 2015 Newsletter from Col. Downes here!.

BREAKING NEWS(12/30/2014):
150th Sailor's Creek:
Read the 1st Announcement about the 150th Battle of Sailor's Creek in the News here!.

BREAKING NEWS(12/25/2014):
Read an article about Christmas in the Civil War from the Washington Times.


BREAKING NEWS(12/12/2014): Added a bulletin from Col. Downes on the Letters page about next year's Grand Review in Washington D.C., Sunday May 17th, 2015.

BREAKING NEWS(11/02/2014):PARADE ROUTE CHANGED On my recent trip to Gettysburg I discovered sewer work on Steinwehr Avenue. A recent email from the Regimental Quartermaster confirmed my suspicions that the route has been altered. The parade in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, will step off at 1pm from LeFever Street and follow the traditional route to Liberty Street, turning left onto Middle Street, left again onto Baltimore, right onto Steinwehr Avenue and finally left onto Taneytown Road. The parade will end at the Soldiers' National Cemetery. Although construction on Steinwehr Avenue has forced the parade route onto Taneytown Road, all Steinwehr Businesses remain open to their customers.

BREAKING NEWS(10/12/2014):

Came across this photo of John Heiser in 1978 at Prospect Hill in Fredericksburg. Read the blog here!

BREAKING NEWS(10/11/2014):

Added Special Orders 2 from Col. Downes regarding Dress Parade at Cedar Creek here!

BREAKING NEWS(9/22/2014):

Added two notes on New Market Heights taking place this weekend, Rules and Parking here!

BREAKING NEWS(9/07/2014):

Added the Fall, 2014 Newsletter to the Newsletter page. Read all about the remaining fall plans for the NR from the desk of our Colonel, Tom Downes, here!

BREAKING NEWS(7/27/2014):

Redesigned the front page with a bigger scrollbar for news, reinstalled the blog or 'News' page, and added a photo from Jeff Smith.

BREAKING NEWS(6/22/2014):

Adjusted the navigation menu to show well on the Samsung Tab4 mini tablet.

BREAKING NEWS(6/19/2014):

Visit the Unit Members Page for the link to the new website for the 27th Connecticut here!.

BREAKING NEWS(5/18/2014):

Read Lt. Col. Adler's After Action Report for the 150th Wilderness here. what the Southern Division had to say here.

BREAKING NEWS(5/6/2014):

Watch a brief video of the 150th Spotsylvania here.

BREAKING NEWS (4/24/2014):

As of today the new site is up. Check out information about the 150th Spotsylvania on the Newsletters page Here!. If you have any news or photos to contribute, please send them to the webmaster at!

BREAKING NEWS (3/2/2014):

YouTube problems: If you are using the Chrome browser and cannot increase the size of the videos to fullscreen, here is what to do. Type "chrome://plugins" in the search bar and expand to details by clicking the "+ sign" next to details on the right side of the page. You should have a couple of Adobe flash options. If not, download Adobe Flash and refresh the plugins page. Disable the Adobe Flash plugin that has "Pepperflash" in the description and then refresh the webpage and the problem should be solved. Click Here! It is also solved on YouTube as well. The Safari browser no longer shows the fullscreen option on Youtube videos and I have not found a work around yet, therefore, I would not recommend using this browser. Firefox, Opera, and IE work fine.

BREAKING NEWS(2/14/2014):

Happy Valentine's Day!

BREAKING NEWS(1/3/2014):
Problems with the hosting site of our form on the Contact page required switching providers and slightly altering the form.

Happy New Year!

The illustration is by Winslow Homer, and is entitled, "Seeing the Year Out"; January 5, 1861 edition of Harper's Weekly.

BREAKING NEWS(12/31/2013)
Added 109 images of 140th Spotsylvania to the Image page. Organized all images in page folders (behind the scenes). Completed the Newsletters page, including 5 newsletters. Added a form to the Contact page. Aside from adding more images and completing the mobile site, the site is ready to go live. Once live, the Blog or News page can be added. Looking for feedback on alterations, changes or additions. Send your comments to the board and to the webmaster.

BREAKING NEWS(12/30/2013)
Site has been tested in Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox, IE9 and IE8. Contact page has been completed and working on Newsletter page. News page will be a blog when site goes live. Schedule page has been updated as well per Tom Downes' NR Newsletter for December, which you can read here

BREAKING NEWS(12/16/2013)
Read an article about Christmas in the Civil War from the Washington Times.

BREAKING NEWS(12/6/2013)
Added copy to Home page, completed History and Media pages.

BREAKING NEWS(12/5/2013)
Changed menu placement to position below penant marquee. Edited images for slideshow and changed content in scrollbar.

BREAKING NEWS(12/4/2013)
First rendering of National Regiment Home page completed.

  • 150th Chancellorsville, 2013
  • 150th Chancellorsville, 2013
  • 150th Chancellorsville, 2013
  • 150th Gettysburg NPS Event, 2013
  • 150th Chancellorsville, 2013
  • 150th Chancellorsville, 2013
  • 150th Chancellorsville, 2013
  • 150th Chancellorsville, 2013
  • 150th Chancellorsville, 2013
  • Remembrance Day, 2002
  • Remembrance Day, 2002
  • Remembrance Day, 2002
  • Remembrance Day, 2003
  • Cedar Creek, 2006
  • 145th Fredericksburg, 2007
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  • 150th Fredericksburg, 2012
  • 150th Fredericksburg, 2012
  • 150th Fredericksburg, 2012
  • 150th Fredericksburg, 2012
  • 150th Fredericksburg, 2012
  • 150th Gettysburg NPS Event, 2013
  • 150th Gettysburg NPS Event, 2013
  • 150th Gettysburg NPS Event, 2013
  • 150th Gettysburg NPS Event, 2013
  • 150th Gettysburg NPS Event, 2013
  • 150th Gettysburg NPS Event, 2013
  • 150th Gettysburg NPS Event, 2013
  • 150th Gettysburg NPS Event, 2013
  • 150th Gettysburg NPS Event, 2013
  • 150th Gettysburg NPS Event, 2013
  • 150th Gettysburg NPS Event, 2013
  • 150th Gettysburg NPS Event, 2013
  • 150th Gettysburg NPS Event, 2013
  • 150th Gettysburg NPS Event, 2013
  • 150th Gettysburg NPS Event, 2013
  • 150th Gettysburg NPS Event, 2013
  • 150th Gettysburg NPS Event, 2013
  • 150th Gettysburg NPS Event, 2013
  • 140th Spotsylvania, 2004
  • 140th Spotsylvania, 2004
  • 140th Spotsylvania, 2004
  • 140th Spotsylvania, 2004
  • 140th Spotsylvania, 2004
  • 140th Spotsylvania, 2004
  • 140th Spotsylvania, 2004
  • 140th Spotsylvania, 2004
  • 140th Spotsylvania, 2004
  • 140th Spotsylvania, 2004
  • 140th Spotsylvania, 2004
  • 140th Spotsylvania, 2004

Photo of Tom Downes

Since its inception, the National Regiment (NR) has been recognized as the leading element for change and authenticity at the Federal battalion level. The National Regiment was the first regimental-size Federal organization in the East to:

Organize a formal and annual Officer/NCO Training School
Study and train from the same "period" manuals
Conduct full regulation dress parades and guard mounts
Mount a 24 hour regimental guard and advanced guard
Conduct a full 24 hour grand guard with reliefs for outposts, sentinels and vedettes
Establish regulation regimental camps of infantry in garrison or "campaign" bivouac using shelter tents or no tents
Conduct advanced regimental and brigade-size drill evolutions in training and on the field
Conduct maneuver by bugle command
Conduct regimental level bayonet drill on a regular basis and
Implement the philosophy, "If you can't carry it, you don't need it!"

Because of the reputation for professionalism and expertise the NR has developed over the years, all or portions of the NR, or individuals belonging to the NR, have been instrumental in nearly every major production having a Civil War theme. These productions include Gore Vidal’s “Lincoln”, several episodes of Civil War Journal, “Glory”, “Gettysburg” “Somersby”, “Gods & Generals”, “Cold Mountain” and many more. As the reenacting hobby moves through it’s sixth decade, the National Regiment will continue to stand at the forefront, leading by example and urging it’s members to continue to research, study, practice and excel in their portrayal of the Union Soldier of the American Civil War.